Don't Risk ZERO Sales on Your Course Launch Day
(With NO content marketing, NO following, and NO testimonials!)
Presell Your Course FIRST!
Deliver It Later
Do You Want to Spend 3-4 Months Working
on Your Course, Launch It, and Then...
0 Sales?
The Mistake Many Coaches & Course Creators Do:
1) They get an idea and spend 3-4 months creating a course
2) Then they spend 2 weeks preparing for a big launch
3) Launch a course
4) 0 sales. Nicht. Nada. ZERO.

They're frustrated, don't know why people don't get it, and full of demotivation; they just want to throw in the towel.

It doesn't have to be your story.

You Can Skip This Painful Experience If You
Save Your Time & Validate Your Idea FIRST
From 0 to 684 Paying Customers in less than 4 weeks:
  • without a ready yet product, only a presale
  • without any followers (no fans on Facebook, no email list, and no remarketing list)
  • without any testimonials on the page
  • with my BAD English, limited to 6K words (the vocabulary size of an average 5-year-old American kid)
  • with typos and grammar errors on the page, trying to sell the toolkit of English copywriting scripts (don't worry, those templates were proofread)
  • without follow-up emails (I didn't have enough time to set them up)
...and PROFITABLE from DAY 1.
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